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Four Winds * Westward Ho’s Director is Paul Sheridan. Paul has made a career of working with children in the outdoors. He leads Four Winds * Westward Ho with an eye towards carrying on its tradition of creating a supportive and challenging environment for children and a place focused on simplicity, community, and creativity.

Paul discovered summer camp as an adult, while working for a traditional camp in Wisconsin as a wilderness trip leader during the summer after his graduation from Columbia University. One summer turned into many after Paul discovered the magic of children’s self discovery in a supportive and beautiful outdoor setting.

In between that experience and coming to Four Winds * Westward Ho, Paul earned a Master’s Degree in Environmental Education from the University of Minnesota Duluth, and worked for a wilderness therapy program in Northern Idaho.

Paul came to Four Winds in the winter of 2004 as Camp’s Assistant Director. The Four Winds community and its commitment to children impressed him. Five years later the Camp’s Board of Trustees asked him to step in as the Director. Paul believes that leadership is about service, and he takes the responsibility of caretaking the traditions of Four Winds seriously. Affectionately known as “Redbeard” during the summer, Paul considers himself a Four Winds lifer. Paul and his wife Linda live year round in Ruth Brown's home, Hilltop, with Emma and Elizabeth, their daughters, and Kate, their dog. They feel privileged to call Four Winds Camp home.

Paul is actively involved on the local and national level with the American Camp Association, the Camp Owners and Directors Association, and the Western Association of Independent Camps. He currently serves on the Board of the Camp Owners and Directors Association.

Four Winds * Westward Ho is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and is governed by a volunteer Board of Trustees. The Board currently consists of:

  • Chair - Henri Broekmate, Sammamish, Washington
  • Vice Chair - Diana Wiegel, Oakland, California
  • Secretary - Charlie MacPherson, Pasadena, California
  • Treasurer - John Wineman, Portland, Oregon
  • Dave Baker, San Anselmo, California
  • Janet Brownell, Orcas Island, Washington
  • Ella Brittingham, Santa Barbara California
  • Sue Clauson, Seattle, Washington
  • Bruce Coffey, Pasadena, California
  • Valerie Corvin, Piedmont, California
  • Eleanor Crebs, St. Helena, California
  • John DesCamp, Yarrow Point, Washington
  • Amy Fields, Portland, Oregon
  • Kristin Harrison, Pasadena, California
  • Wendy Gilbaugh Kelley, Seattle, Washington
  • Judy Murphy, Portland, Oregon
  • Matt Murray, San Francisco, California
  • Alan Schulman, Rancho Santa Fe, California
  • Jeff Stewart, Santa Rosa, California
  • Lifetime Advisers
  • Cynthia Coleman, Pasadena, California
  • Mike Douglas, Deer Harbor, Washington
  • Marion Mohler, Mercer Island, Washington
  • Carlyn Stark, Port Townsend, Washington